Dear Daughter,
Thank you for pouring your heart out to me. Thank you for letting me inside you sealed heart..
The day you were born, the sun shone brighter than other days. I felt as if it had shone only for me. The birds were singing and the flowers were welcoming the Spring. The cool breeze was blowing and the trees were swaying making me feel am the most happiest person on earth. When I hold you in my hands for the first time and watch your pink face, I heard you saying “Mummy finally my wait is over, I can see you.”
My child you have never been far from me that I can’t see you. My heart longs to hear you and I can never shut my ears from listening to you. You are precious to me.. you always have been. Beyond the horizon, beyond the paradise I have loved you.
My dear child, seems like you have grown in a blink of an eye. Feels like it was only yesterday when you asked if ‘b’ comes before ‘a’ or before ‘c’? And now am amazed to see you grow up so wise and beautiful. Your questions aren’t that simple either and I don’t know all the answers.
The world has always been mysterious. People have always been like this, long before you were born, long before I was born. We can’t change them, we can only accept them the way they are and decide if we want to be like them or not! Don’t be ashamed of the scars on your face, it shows you have survived the pain. Don’t hide the wounds in your heart, it means you were strong enough to love the ones who stabbed you back.
Look at the butterflies, how lovely they are. Don’t you know they haven’t always been this beautiful? People didn’t admire their beauty when they were caterpillars. They had to struggle to evolve into this beautiful creature. Transformation is never easy especially when you have to let a part of yourself go.
My dear, one day you will wake up and find all these fightings, learnings, sacrifices were worth it. You will then know that you are a free spirit and that no one can knock you down.
My child I see a wind coming, the wind that promises rain. Along with it I see pouring of peace and restoration. I see the colors of joy and happiness that the rainbow will bring and the clouds will be gone forever. The sun will shine again. Be strong my child and don’t let the world change you. Don’t forget am never far from you. My heart beats know yours because my heart beats were yours once. I know your thoughts and am not unknown to them because my thoughts were yours once. Among thousands of smells, I know your smell because my smell was yours once. You grew inside me, you developed inside me. When I ate, you ate. When I was hungry, you were hungry too. When I was cold you were cold. When I couldn’t sleep at nights, you were awake with me. When I laughed, you laughed with me. When I cried, you cried… so how can I leave you? Don’t you know you are a part of me? Nothing can deny the fact that no one can know you well like I do. So how can I ever leave you alone??My child, when you see nothing but darkness, stretch out your hand, I will be pulling you towards the light. I’ve never been far from you.


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